Access Thousands of Shows and Movies on SelectTV for a Fraction of Your Cable Fees

If you plan to cut the cord, forget about Netflix and Hulu. SelectTV by FreeCast is the biggest entertainment library around, with thousands of movies and TV shows available at your fingertips. Order now via New Atlas Deals to pay just $24 for a one-year subscription — a fraction of the cost of any cable (or satellite) bill you'll ever receive.

The platform offers together great online content from popular channels, including MTV, History Channel, Discovery, Comedy Central, and more. Subscribers can access 250,000 TV shows and 200,000 movies, along with live TV and 50,000 radio channels from around the world.

SelectTV also lets you search over 100 streaming platforms and access the content all in one place. You can even access the latest box office hits and TV series via Pay Per View, and choose from a great selection of arcade games if you're looking for an alternative form of entertainment.

Ready for some premium content? You can get a one-year subscription now for just $24, or upgrade to three years for $49 (normally $108).

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