Internet-connected brace designed to help seniors avoid falls

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The Smart Moore Balance Brace connects physiotherapists with senior patients, to ensure that they're learning to walk safely(Credit: Shutterstock)

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Falls can be devastating for the elderly, which is why Orthotic Holdings Inc (OHI) first created the Moore Balance Brace. It's a foot and ankle support, which is designed to improve the balance and stability of its wearers – as long as they use it correctly, that is. With that in mind, OHI has partnered with wearable fitness tech firm Sensoria Fitness to create the internet-connected Smart Moore Balance Brace.

The original Moore device is intended to train users how to walk in a manner that will minimize their chances of falling. One of its shortcomings, however, is the fact that physiotherapists can't tell if patients are using it properly (or at all), once they've left the clinic.

That's where the Smart version comes in. It still trains the patient, but also features built-in sensors that measure user parameters such as the type and level of activity, gait speed, cadence, and amount of time spent with each foot on the ground.

That data is transmitted to the internet via an app that works with a Bluetooth-equipped ankle bracelet, which is attached to the brace. Using that app and/or a web dashboard, clinicians can then view patients' progress, and check that they're adhering to their home therapy regimen. Users also have access to the data.

The Smart Moore Balance Brace is currently undergoing market studies, and is expected to be commercially available next year. Pricing has yet to be announced.

View gallery - 3 images

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