PS3 Motion Controller set for 2010 release

Sony has announced a 2010 second quarter release for its "Motion Controller"

Watch out Wii! Nintendo’s hugely popular console, which made motion sensitive game play a household fixture the world over, could have some serious competition on the horizon. As well as Microsoft continuing to develop its impressive looking Project Natal concept, Sony has announced that its own tentatively titled “Motion Controller” is due for a second quarter release in 2010.

Having unveiled its prototype at the recent E3 expo, Sony promises a highly precise and accurate system that takes motion sensing one step further by being able to recognize a user’s face, voice and body motion. Working in conjunction with the Playstation Eye camera, the controller features a sphere on top of it with the ability to track a player’s position and also give feedback to the player by changing color. The unit is designed to detect “the natural and intuitive movement” of a player's hand and translate this into the game.

Featuring two motion sensors, three axes gyroscope and three axes accelerometer that detect the controller’s angle, the unit will also include familiar “rumble” vibration.

Obviously planning on positioning the peripheral as being more than a “novelty” addition to the PS3 ranks, Sony has several game titles in the works set to coincide with the release, and a selection of existing games will offer “Motion Controller” functionality through downloadable updates.

With the PS3 Slim having shifted more than one million units worldwide since its release at the beginning of September and the Wii headed for an impending price cut ahead of a 2011 console update, it looks like interesting times ahead in the world of gaming.

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