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January 13, 2008 Marking the 20th anniversary of the Subaru Legacy (Liberty in Australia), Subaru unveiled a concept model that suggests the direction of the next model Legacy four-seat sedan, due for release in 2010. Indeed, from reading between the lines, we understand this is very close to what we’ll see in showrooms later this year or early next. The model again features Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel drive system mated to a 3.6-liter six-cylinder Boxer (horizontally-opposed) engine - the dash and centre console feature touch-screens and rear vision is accomplished by cameras, in a theme that Subaru has christened "High Definition". There’s a longer wheelbase and a higher roofline for more interior space, legroom and headroom, but we’d have preferred to see the 2.2 litre diesel engine – do we really need a 3.6 litre petrol engine for a family car?

Acknowledged, it’s just a show car, and Subaru has gone on record as stating that the model was developed to showcase the Legacy’s sporting capabilities and features, but the thought of a really frugal family sedan is more appealing.

The concept behind the interior design is "High Definition". A four-seat layout has been adopted in order to provide enough space to fit four adults in comfort and style. The combination of a roof design that provides a feeling of freedom with the expansive legroom delivers a vehicle that can be truly classified as a global mid-size sedan without losing its sporting pretensions.

For the seats, Pearl White leather with a blue sheen has been adopted, while Black metallic leather has been used for the door trim to create a luxurious contrast with the instrument panel.

The center panel features a large touch-panel display that concentrates the various functions to provide ease of use, while the adoption of a cylindrical-shaped design that extends vertically emphasizes feelings of strength and solidity in union with the exterior. A steering wheel and shift lever have been adopted to accentuate the sporty aspect that is elemental in the Legacy Sedan.

The monitor of the Side Rear Vision Camera has been situated towards the front of the roof in order to maximize rear visibility. For interior entertainment, monitors with entertainment functions have been located in the center panel and rear surface of the center console, as well as in the rear of the front seat headrests in order to provide comfortable functionality as well a calm design that creates a relaxed ambiance for the four adult passengers.

The Legacy was introduced globally in 1989, produced in Japan and Lafayette, Indiana and since that date until November 2008 the total global production has exceeded 3.6 million vehicles making it Subaru's core model.

During that period, the traditional core Subaru technology of the Horizontally-Opposed engine and Symmetrical AWD have served to further improve "driving", "turning" and "stopping", the basic elements of automotive performance, and also continuously evolve features for unparalleled handling, stability, and safety.

View gallery - 18 images
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