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September 17, 2008 Stuart Saunders is a serial entrepreneur and inventor and has designed everything from Mass Transit Systems to CPU coolers, stereo systems, screen printers, traffic lights, and even a 4WD system with one differential, but almost certainly the business card for dentists is the invention which will find itself in the most hands. It’s a plastic credit card that contains 50 metres of dental floss – it’s a no-brainer for dentists as it combines just enough floss for between check-ups, and a ready-made reminder of the telephone number - and a nuclear wow-factor.It's quite a business card too.

The cards can be purchased with three colour printing in lots of 1000, ready to go for under US$2000, get much cheaper in larger quantities and can be ordered with 50 metres of 840 denier floss or 60 metres of 630 denier floss.

Stuart is an evangelist for flossing, and considers it quite possibly the best thing you can do for your health. He can be contacted by phone ( +66 (0) 38 238 380 ) or email or you can visit his web site to read about his “flossify.”

View gallery - 11 images
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