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April 16, 2008 Free postcard advertising has many strengths, most notably great cost-efficiency and excellent targeting, so we were very interested recently when we spied a new and vastly improved variation on the theme. Unlike the traditional postcard size which has no logical destination (and hey, get real, how many people post adverts to their friends), the Minicard is the size of a business card, meaning there’s a place for it in a purse or wallet. Equally as importantly, the smaller size makes for a more orderly and space efficient visual display unit and the standardised layout ensures the cards are informational and useful to the audience they reach.

In our books, the Minicard is a better mousetrap because it logically gets kept far more efficiently than a postcard and has a standard layout for the information it contains. The cards apparently have an impressive ROI, while being inexpensive and simple to use.

Franchises are available in most countries in the world, and it looks like a very good idea to us.

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