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November 27, 2008 The Apple iPhone is clearly one of the most significant technological manifestations in history, but as much as we love it, it ain’t perfect. Typing on the virtual keyboard is difficult unless you have anorexic fingers and 20-20 vision and even then, input is painfully slow. Several manufacturers have developed viable variants of a high-tech stylus for the iPod Touch and iPhone capacitive touch screens and the best we’ve seen so far is the Pogo Stylus. Like many other online retailers this Black Friday (November 28) week, Ten One Design has slashed its prices early and is offering a 25 percent discount, meaning the Pogo can be had for US$14.96 including free USPS shipping.

The Pogo Stylus also comes with a travel clip that firmly hugs the contours of the iPhone and iPod touch, securing the stylus in place.

The Pogo Stylus might be an ideal present for the technophile in your life, or indeed, yourself.

View gallery - 8 images
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