Toshiba Europe releases 7mm-thick AT200 tablet

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Toshiba Europe has just unveiled its 7 millimeter-thick Android 3.2 AT200 tablet

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Toshiba Europe unveiled its latest multi-touch tablet today, the AT200. While the device has a backlit 10.1-inch 1280 x 800 HD screen, it is only 7 millimeters thick, and weighs in at just 558 grams (19.7 oz). It runs on Android 3.2 (Honeycomb), and offers micro-USB, micro-SD, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It also has a micro-HDMI port (which allows it to stream HD content to a separate television set), 5- and 2-megapixel rear and front HD cameras, a 1.2GHz TI OMAP 4430 CPU, and 1 GB of RAM. Besides its thin profile, however, one of the distinguishing features of the AT200 is its audio playback capabilities.

A system called the Adaptive Sound Device Enhancer reportedly uses an algorithm to produce big-speaker-quality sound from the tablet's two 1.5-watt stereo speakers. The tablet also utilizes Toshiba's Sound Masking Equalizer to identify external noises that are masking or distorting its audio playback, then enhancing its sound to compensate for those noises.

Standard apps include Adobe Flash Player, Android Market, Toshiba Places and Toshiba Media Player. Battery life allows for approximately eight hours of video playback.

The Toshiba AT200 is scheduled to be released in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2011. The price has not yet been announced.

View gallery - 14 images
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