Toshiba to launch 16GB microSDHC

Toshiba's new microSDHC and SDHC memory cards

December 2, 2008 The ever-increasing rise in memory capacities continues with Toshiba launching an industry largest 16GB microSDHC memory card onto the market. They have also further extended their range of memory cards by adding ultra fast read write 8GB and 16GB SDHC cards.

The new SD cards comply with the SD memory standard Ver. 2.00 and the SDHC cards support class 6 ultra fast read write speed with a maximum write speed of 20MB a second, making them great for continuous shooting of still images or video recording. The microSDHC card can be used with an adapter so it can be used in SDHC slots.

There’s no word on price yet, but with the explosion in the popularity of digital cameras – both still and video – and people’s insatiable appetite for more storage space, the cards are sure to find a market. Mass production of the new SDHC cards will start this month, while the microSDHC cards are slated to enter production in January 2009.

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