Unikia goes flat out with Compleat FoodSkin lunch box

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Unikia's FoodSkin features an elastic silicone lid that holds the contents in place

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Having already given us a new take on the humble lunch bag with its Compleat FoodBag, Norwegian company Unikia set out to redesign the lunch box for its latest offering, the Compleat FoodSkin.

Rarher than the traditional rigid box design most of us are used to, the Compleat FoodBag features a laptop-like form factor with a rigid plastic base and a hinged, elastic silicone skin lid. This allows it to stretch and hold the contents together in transit, open up to become a placemat at mealtime and fold flat when done.

So although it won’t stop the sandwich from getting squashed at the bottom of a school bag, it will free up some extra space for books on the way home.

The plastic base and frame holding the silicone skin are BPA-free, while the whole kit and kaboodle is also dishwasher safe. Unikia offers the Compleat FoodSkin in blue, mint and purple colors.

It is available now for €24.95 (approx. US$33).

Source: Unikia

View gallery - 9 images

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