World’s largest virtual desktop deployment underway

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Rural students in their computer lab, using the Userful Multiplier software

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March 6, 2009 In what's billed as the world’s largest virtual desktop deployment 356,800 virtualized desktops will be supplied to schools across Brazil, bringing computer access to millions. Userful Multiplier software effectively turns one computer into up to 10 independent PC workstations, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 15 tons per year per system* and electronic waste by up to 80%.

Additional users can work on a single computer by simply attaching extra monitors, mice and keyboards. "This deployment alone saves more than 170,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually, the same as taking 28,000 cars off the road, or planting 41,000 acres of trees”, said Sean Rousseau, Marketing Manager at Userful.

With increasing CO2 emissions, growing evidence about the toxic waste from old electronic goods and more landfill than we can deal with, green computing is a hot topic.

In developing countries virtualization provides huge scope to improve student to computer ratios at a relatively low cost and in a sustainable way. It’s also preferable to us dumping our old environmentally unfriendly computers on these countries as we rush to upgrade or buy the "next big thing".

Userful Multiplier is also a low-cost, energy-saving option for schools, libraries, internet cafes, government, call centers and many other industries, leveraging the unused processing power of computers that sit idle while users check mail, work on documents or surf the web. Each user has access to the full power of the multi-core processor and when more than one user needs the processor at exactly the same time, the computer splits its resources to perform all tasks equally quickly.

According to Userful, all other virtualization solutions lead to sacrifices in performance. Userful offers the features of a full PC including high performance video for less than $50 per additional seat in large deployments (not including monitors and keyboards) and uses standard PC hardware.

A home version of the Useful Multiplier can be downloaded free.

Karen Sprey

* Based on 526kWh/PC/year for operation; 1818 kWh/PC for production; electricity generated at 0.70 kg (1.55 lbs) of CO2/kWh.

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