When doctors need to diagnose internal health problems, they use a tiny camera. You can do the same with DIY problems using the 1080p HD Wireless Endoscopic Camera. It sends live video back from any tight space, meaning you don't have to work blind. You can grab one now and save 58% off MSRP at New Atlas Deals.

Measuring barely any wider than its own cable, this camera can easily squeeze into leaking pipework and clogged engines. The entire device is waterproof, so you can even send it down drains. It also has eight adjustable LED lights to illuminate the problem.

Wherever you deploy this camera, you can see live video in comfort thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. The images are crystal-clear, and you can watch the show at 1080p on your phone, tablet or computer. Aside from DIY projects, you can use this camera for home security or filming wildlife.

Normally priced at $99.99, the HD endoscopic camera is now just $41.99 for a limited time.