Zoombak upgrades interactive mapping capabilities

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Finding Fido made easy: Zoombak A-GPS locator

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October 2, 2008 Zoombak has added Microsoft Virtual Earth online mapping to its Assisted-GPS Locator range, enabling street-level and aerial views in addition to standard map navigation. The new functionality of is available to existing customers without any upgrade to hardware or service agreements.

Zoombak is a matchbox-sized, 2.5oz receiver/transmitter device that can be used to track vehicles, pets, bicycles, backpacks or other assets at risk of going astray. The system uses both GPS and mobile phone networks to locate items which can be found via the company's interactive website - which is where the enhanced visualization tools come into play. "Safety zones" can also be set up around a location so that customers are alerted via text message or e-mail when the item being tracked crosses this virtual border.

Pricing for Zoombak products start at USD$199 plus an additional monthly service plan fee.

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