Jim Parker
Ia, ia! Cthulhu has returned as a trendy yuppie! I didn\'t know he had a mobile home!
I have no doubt that we\'ll see this exterior in some science fiction movie or TV show sometime in the near future.
hideous. Yet more proof that money can\'t buy you taste.
No self-respecting alien would be seen dead in this monstrosity. A cross between a skate park and a public urinal.
These look like blast deflection walls- would propably appeal to someone with lots of enemies...
Agree Adrien. It looks like a concrete skateboard park lit up by some LEDs from a Honda Civic. All it needs now is a 3 inch exhaust.
Ned Baldwin
It is telling that there are no interior shots
having seen the kitch and greyness that is US conformist style, I am not surprised by your comments...
Ya sure couldn\'t get away with buildin nothin like that here in Idaho. I do like them pretty colored lights.
Alisa May
22,000 sq.ft SINGLE-family house? Are you kidding me? Why doesn\'t anyone have a problem with THAT?