Andrew Rockefeller
sure, lets develop a \'hyper\'car to the highest tolerances with the lowest weights and precise balance.. and then produce an optional extra storage solution with a really high center of gravity. Abomination much?
Hint: If your hyper car has a roof rack, you\'ve failed.
Bill Bennett
It is absurd
Jacob Shepley
While it would raise the centre of gravity, if you were transferring anything that didnt fit inside the front storage space, large enough that required the roof mounted storage space (which is removable so isn\'t a big deal to complain about anyway), i doubt you\'d be driving it at 200 km/h for the raised centre of gravity to ruin your cornering.
if you took it to a track day, take the roof storage off and you are fine, so stop complaining. it is removable.
Okay %u2026 why not a tow bar to tow the trailer to go to the tip on Sunday afternoon Seriously if you can afford a super car it is not to put a roof rack on it or you have more money than common sense, in that case you should give it to me I will make a good use of it. If I decide to go to Monte Carlo to show off my latest toy I will probably ship my luggage or send one of my employee (PA) to escort them to me. We should request a tow bar on McLaren, Pagani Zonda, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porches, Lamborghini etc .. I wonder how Jeremy Clarkson will react :-)
Facebook User
Wow why dont all these super geniuses have there own hyper car line people can be make that will be idiots
Well, you know these things are notorious for inadequate trunk space....
Last one to the beach is a rotton egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leanne Franson
People are so grumpy. Dang, they aren\'t talking about lugging enough stuff for an entourage or ship ahead, but hey, if you wanna impress the cool chick and take her for a picnic on the beach in your funky car, it would be nice to put the blanket, wine, basket and some snorkeling gear and a change of clothes into your car... hence the roof box. It is a lot less impressive to ask her to hold the lunch basket on her knees, with the wine, flippers and towels squished around her feet, eh, boys? I guess you\'ll be the ones standing next to your perfectly stripped super car, with a hungry wet chick with no blanket to sit on, while you make jokes about idiots with tow bars while waiting for your staff to bring the gear.
If it has wheels, can I trailer it behind the car instead? I like the idea that it will lift-off at about 50 MPH.
The \'track day\' one thinks of in Southern England is \'Royal Ascot Ladies\' Day\', where it is traditional for one\'s svelte companion to wear an exotic confection of a hat. Further, it is also traditional for a picnic lunch to be addressed in the paddock which - more often than not - includes some chilled Bollinger or Veuve Clicquot, and a light smoked salmon \'plat\' provided either from one\'s own kitchens - or Fortnum and Masons.
For each of these requirements, should there not be space for a wicker hamper basket leather-strapped on the rear carrier, in the style of the more magnificent pre-war supercharged Bentleys, one has proper need of a top box.
Certainly, an \'arrival\' in this startlingly-beautiful \'superleggera\' gentleman\'s carriage with an equally beautiful and long-legged companion would turn heads. When one opened the top-box to fetch out said sweetie\'s chapeau, and then the folding table, chairs, champers and sandwiches, most observers would nod in smiling approval.
I would consider that \'game, set and match\'....!
Sheesh.... OK, kind of silly to have a roof carrier permanently attached to another "roof" but geese people... like anyone busy throwing stones at it's options rather than talking about 1,100 BHP and 250 MPH on e85 fuel could afford this car ... come on... the innovative engineering genius isn't in the roof rack for crying out loud - I guess a roof rack places this work of 250 MPH engineering masterpiece below Mr. Rockafeller's standards. Oh well, will have to stick with the Prius until these supercar designers can get away from the silly options - if it weren't for that, I would have purchased one tomorrow. pssssft!