You too can live like a rail yard hobo in the comfort of a Hi Tech city.
Inspiring work Rob, great energy and aspiration! You have addressed all aspects of Sustainability-Kudos on you!
Fairly Reasoner
You built a nice shed. Next.
It works in a semi-tropical location. They could provide shelter at a low cost for homeless there,though.
I'm not sure you can call it sustainable if it requires mooching off your friends.
This is not a real solution. I want to see him cook dinner or take a shower when the wind is blowing 40mph and it's 25 F outside.
That's $1500 too much. I appreciate creativity and looking to lesson the impact on resources, but I don't understand the fascination with something like this. It's a step backwards. It wins few over on curb appeal. It looks like it belongs in a homeless camp out in california. The guy himself says high-end tiny houses miss the point. Who's point? He wants houses to look like this and I'm sure he has his fans,... but to each, his or her own. For me, it makes me like the tiny house movement even less.
This is cool, but. Only really workable when you have free labor and mostly free materials and apparently aren't subject to any of the codes involving the construction of houses, trailers or toilets.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
I guess it's for between hurricanes but so is a lot of the other housing. I like the rainwater. I tried it in the Mojave Desert but it was bad for drinking, even after distillation, because of the roof tar. His house is really a lot bigger because he is mostly living outside. By the way, when I was in Florida, I saw something i didn't see anywhere else--screened in patios! If he really lives in this, he must really not be bothered by bugs! Tiny houses are basically mobile homes and have the same siting problems. Tiny house zoning might be useful but it would have the same problem as mobile home zoning--high price, undesirable features.
HD Thoreau pulled the exact same stunt on his buddy Ralph W Emerson in the 1840s, in Massachusetts. I actually bought the video game "Walden" for PS4, it begins with a very similar yet much abbreviated hut. You don't actually need to live like this to find out what it's like, you can try the video game or else read all his whacky adventures on internet sites such as Project Gutenberg for $0!
Michael son of Lester
I'm looking forward to the second installment where the author talks about how well this tiny home stood up to a hurricane.