A casual glance at this makes one realize that "50 years ahead of it's time" should have been "80 plus years ahead of it's time" Fuller's Dymaxion seems to be where the idea came from. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dymaxion_car
Marian Barbu
" Raindrop car " by Aurel Persu, Romanian !
Only affirmation I see is for how I felt about Pininfarina's work since my first look-in in the mid-1950's.
Carrozzeria like Bertone ran circles around him for decades.
@Eideard Granted, Pininfarina's name has been linked to some very ordinary cars, mainly what I'd guess would be commissioned "adaptations" of existing designs. But when given a clean sheet, in my opinion this design house excels. How can you argue with this? http://www.gizmag.com/2010-car-design-of-the-year/18063/picture/131401/
Paul Smith
One rear drive wheel? Useless in snow. :-)
Seems like all the interesting things were tried out long ago - I enjoyed reading the old (black and white) Popular Mechanics (or was it Popular Mechanix?)
Martin Leitner
Better drag coefficient in 1939: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schl%C3%B6rwagen
The design aspect was far more interesting than the other two cars mentioned above, but one rear driven wheel and another to control direction in front must have been a nightmare to steer.
Pininfarina Design has undoubtedly created some of the most breathtaking and influential concepts in automotive history, bar none!
Lewis M. Dickens III
Three wheeled vehicles are inherently unstable.
You all should get that by now.
And the least rolling resistance vehicle is 8 wheeled with bogied pairs just like a rail car. People involved with rail transportation have known for well over a century that that is the finest configuration. The potato shape was fun but ultimately was not the way to go..
Would not be a proper Gizmag article without a plethora of negative comments.