Would have been nice to see two other things in here: Field of view, which varies a lot, and sometimes with resolution - below about 120° is a bit useless. Also Monoprice's MHD (like a Contour) and MHD Sport (like a GoPro) action cams which give many of these a run for their money, but at only $80 and $180.
I don't think this review is accurate. In fact its not a review its just a bunch of specs about the different action cams you can buy. I personally own 2 Drift Cams and herewith a proper review with a hands on experience. The Drift Ghost is to say the least frustrating to use. If you don't have some sort of computer literacy you are basically screwed. Firmware this and plug that then switch that on and copy paste this and save in there and then switch off and if it still does not work try step 2 again. My cam switches itself off and it shows over heating in the middle of winter. The battery dies after 30 seconds of recording and must be recharged for 4 hours to get a full charge. I also have the go pro and for sure that would be my choice. No problems with this and that and the next thing. 12 000 rand more or less later and I am yet to capture some footage that actually works. I am 46 years old and should not be screaming at my desk with the Ghost Drift. I hate the cam. Armando
This is a very odd article.... it appears no testing was done, just a summary of manufactures list specs. For example, the section on weight was worthless, I could flip a coin and get as useful a weight comparison. There was no actual testing of the lens, that's pretty important. Battery life? That's important, to bad this just list worthless times. My GoPro battery life varies wildly, depending on the features enabled. The worst part of this article was that the author doesn't even note that the contour company shut down... Come on, I had to check the date of the story, this is pretty much worthless. As Synchro pointed out, MonoPrice does have a low cost action cam, that would be nice to see tested against actioncams from companies still in business. Oh, and note which use a GPS to tag the photos/videos. That is one thing GoPro really needs to add. I own three GoPro's and an older Contour. [The article does in fact address Contour's suspension of operations - Ed.]
I have a camera not reviewed, the ActionPro 1080P HD. It works great and has all the features of the Hero series, including a underwater waterproof housing, remote and multiple mounts for around $100. I am not sure why it was not reviewed. Seems like some reviews never cover affordable gadgets like this one. Get one and you won't be disappointed.
I have a Drift Ghost HD and it is awesome. In the box are several different mounts including flat surface, curved surface, goggle mount, etc. Also, again a GizMag author takes some liberties in saying, "At the other end of the scale, the Drift and the Garmin are more just splash- and dunk-proof." In fact the Drift website says the camera is rated to 9 feet for up to 30 minutes. There is also an underwater housing available for diving/scuba. Field of view is 170 degrees for the Ghost HD and 160 degrees for the Ghost S. I bought a second battery just in case and have never needed it. I get a whole day of snowboarding on a single battery although not continuously recording (chair lift isn't that interesting).
Brian Dennis
The ION Air Pro was my choice, because of how easy it is to hold in my hand and shoot from the water while kite surfing. It looks like the Polaroid, but has WiFi, and is way easier to operate than the GoPro, with a vibration feedback that's better than sound or visual in a loud busy environment. Field of view is very important. Unfortunately all of these have wide angle, and if you're trying to follow and film someone else, you have to be within a few feet of them. If there were a camera with a narrow FoV like 30 degrees, that would be way more useful to me. But most companies seem focused on the "me filming myself" angle.
Koos Tonteldoos
Comparison without conclusion... not worth much. We can get all these on the web, how a bout comparing the picture quality between the cameras, or even the slow motion quality. Best value for price? Spec's doesn't mean much if it don't live up to its promises.
Luke Howard
It is as the title says you peanuts, a comparison guide, not full-featured review on each camera. It helps people like me pick out the best specs and narrow the choices down to a few, rather than wading through pages of online websites to find it for all cameras. Thanks Gizmag guys, good job.
Scott Triffett
As the other posters mentioned, not much of a review and some things mentioned are misleading or have bias?. Example: LCD View Finder. This is an optional extra for the Go pro Water proofing. You have the Go Pro at 40m, using the waterproof case it comes with. Then you have the Drift, without a water proof case, it's to 6 m. But if you use the optional extra case, it's then water proof to 60 meters. Not really a fair comparison at all.
Luke McNeilage
A comparative review is still a review... but I'd also like to add the Panasonic HX-WA30. (I want one for Xmas) While it is only Waterproof rated to 15m, as a diving camera, the buttons are usable with GLOVES. Most action sports that you are going to do are going to involve gloves (if you have any self preservation instinct), and all these systems that have small button, or remotes that you can lose or have to control through a computer or smartphone as Armando says, you are stuffed. The WA30 has both. Also I can't find any sales info on the Toshiba Camileo X-Sport, on there website or anywhere else. Basically the camera doesn't exit.