Interesting to see the dash is curved around the driver like in a 94 Toyota Supra. This was very unique in the day and nice ergonomics for the driver, it's a wonder it wasn't done more often, but then the design of the Supra is nice it hasn't be copied to death.
Joseph Boe
It has literally been decades since the Corvette DIDN'T look like complete crap - and have an interior fit and finish that was worse.
This car looks good, the specs portend excellent performance and if it can corner well and the interior doesn't begin falling apart as soon as you drive off the lot then I will be excited to put this nameplate back in my garage - it has been too long.
Gary Richardson
29 MPG on the highway sounds impressive for such a powerful drivetrain but I question how easy or difficult it is to repeat such fuel efficiency under normal operating conditons during the life of the car.
Perhaps in future models, more focus will be placed on sustainable performance specs and will chart out projected losses in more realistic figures.
Also, those who live in more corrosive environments such as near saltwater coastlines with atmospheres higher in salt content can face up to 10 times more wear. Such environments beg for alternative salt immune materials with similar properties to be used instead.
Michael Mantion
How is this a stingray? I would much rather have a Nissan GTR. Am I wrong? what is good about this car?
Yes, and the OnStar is the electronic spy that prevents you from going over 55mph because if you speed and get into a crash, OnStar will testify AGAINST YOU and put you into jail or major financial harm. If you buy this car just for the looks rather than use its capabilities then it is ok - useful like a cigar that you don't light...
I'm not sorry to say that it is even uglier than the last one it is replacing. They would be better off doing a retro-version if they really want to call it a Stingray. "Recognizable as a Corvette the world over"... give me a break! The chassis,etc. sounds fine but why is it so ugly? I know beauty is subjective but I am confident that most of its target market would agree with me. Only the teenaged tuner car crowd would get excited about this sort of design and they sure don't buy a lot of new 'Vettes.... Why not do a split window instead?
@Michael Mantion
The GT-R is amazing for a 4 seater but in raw performance it is a little behind the current Corvette.
The GT-R launched around $75 but currently it starts closer to $97k.
The $75k Corvette Z06 is about 2 seconds faster around Nürburgring (at 7:22). The $112k Z01 is a little faster still at 7:19.
Who knows what performance/price will look like for the Stingray but I think it looks sharper than the GTR at least.
Christopher Benton
I'm pleasantly impressed. More power, less weight, better efficiency and still great styling (in my humble opinion).
Well, I do not see any Stingray here. Sorry. (I'm a designer and should be able to recognize it, if it was there ...) This car is one of the most useless cars existing, and it is not even beautiful, will not even be a bit iconic, and we'll forget it as soon as the media coverage fades away. Just another tired attempt trying to live up to it's past. Remember: The original Stingray was not made for the past! Make a car for the present or maybe the future, and do it good, then we can talk.
450 horsepower. Really. That's the best GM can do? Or is that the limit imposed upon them by the administration as part of the bailout?