Rear footpegs on the swing arm!!!!
A lot of jarred ankles...
They keep pushing >750cc/ 200kg bikes :( great to go straight on flat terrain.. wish they went back to the 400cc lighter and slimmer models, for those who actually use a bike.
Glen Jacobsen
A chain drive? who the heck wants to keep a chain clean? And did you notice that tiny gas tank? I ride a BMW GS. I can go 200 miles before I need gas, how far will this thing take me? They are trying to get more into the dual-sport market, but this has a couple of huge drawbacks for the people that really ride in that market.
Pete Kratsch
If they don't want us to call it a "retro bike" then don't give it "retro styling".
I mean honestly... everything about this bike is retro from the print ad on brown wrapping paper to the wire mesh grill on the headlamp to their use of their under powered pantah motor.
@ Jabboson
The rear foot pegs are not connected to the swing arm. Indeed that would have been quite painful if they were. But they aren't.
Get tired of the know nothing critics. This is a first look. Wait until the road tests come in to be so opinionated. Typical of Ducati,looks like a nice job,well done. The videos are fun & should attract younger riders.
A wet weight of 410 lbs and 800 c.c.s. than handles well,what's not to like? We need more bikes this size & weight. Surely the Monster engine lost some peak h.p. but gained more low & mid range power. Surely Yamaha is going to do the same model spread with it's FZ-09/07.
Thanks again Loz for another excellent article. Your the best in the m.c. press.
Julia Leytes
What a beauty. Those handlebars are just perfect for mounting. Can finally mount my iPhone instead of those ugly GPS. Would look awesome with my superslim Bike2Power iPhone 6 MountCase! www.bike2power.com/bikeconsole-lite-bike-mount-case-iphone-6.html
Too post-heritage, they should've made it retro.
Brett Lewis
I guess it's a "beginner bike", or a fashion thing. Detuned motor from a previous bike that is superior in spec and lighter in weight. I guess I would rather look for a used 796 Monster for less $. Looks and relatively low price for this new bike will sell it.
@Glen Jacobsen I'd take a chain drive over your shaft drive anytime. Comparing this bike to the GS means not having a clue about what this scrambler is.