This is awesome once the hydrogen is generated by solar, but I'm afraid for now this car runs on fuel from good ol' crude, steam reformed at the refinery into hydrogen.
Same approach that Tesla takes, I see. In the long run, however, it will be more expensive than electric. Better to focus on gasoline efficiency while electric comes down in price.
I think that is really cool. I think fuel cell vehicles is the future. They are - IMO - better than just battery powered cars. I think a fuel cell would be great in a fuel cell battery hybrid.
I have read about devices that one can refuel a fuel cell tank at home. I have read about several companies that make them. If one is not using to travel far (just in the area where one lives), one could refuel at home with a home hydrogen system.
I think it is easier to clean up one gas powered plant (no need to worry about how light it is since it stays in one place) than to clean up all those gas powered cars. There are also other green ways to produce hydrogen than gas powered plants. There are working on practical solutions (like getting hydrogen from algae, from natural gas, etc).
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BigWarpGuy: read something about how expensive it is to produce the hydrogen, how much energy u need to break the chemical bond and then talk about algae.. ;)
How can you people be so blinded and think any sort of changing the form of energy is a good thing Back where it all starts from there is the fact they are the ones polluting everything, making charging and change of energy, same game different field. There is no benefit except to poison a given area to it's limit and remove the poisons from where we all see it. Yes you will breath a little better for a short while, but eventually one will be back to the same thing, at a much higher cost
This is awesome. I agree with some of the other comments. Making it a battery/fuel cell hybrid would save money. Right now fuel cells cost a ton. Instead of sizing the cell for 150kw output (roughly a 200hp peak) you'd be able to size it to 50kw and let the battery/capacitor smooth out the peaks.
As for the sources of hydrogen there are many ways to create hydrogen. The best I have seen is very simple. It uses extreme heat to break water into oxygen and hydrogen. That was actually what blew up at Fukushima. The over heating core sepparated part of the coolant water and caused a hydrogen build up. Using LFTR to generate the required heat would be more evironmentally sound than paving every flat surface in the country with solar cells that would still not produce enough hydrogen to meet the fuel demands of the US.
So if I can't leave town and refuel, what is the benefit of electric? You can recharge on electric virtually anywhere in the country, not so with hydrogen. H2 refueling stations are orders of magnitude more expensive than an EV charging plug. I always though fuel cells would be the future, but I really don't see how they can be. Batteries are a far better option, and seem to be staying well ahead of fuel cells.
fuel cells are not the solution.
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EV's like these are.
No one mentioned that hydrogen gas is terribly explosive in almost all mixtures with air and very easy to ignite. Why use electricity to make hydrogen just to use hydrogen to generate electricity again? Developing a better way to store electricity without converting it back and forth chemically would be a better expenditure in research. Some form of capacitor will probably replace batteries some day. Since almost every road in the country is paralleled by power lines, why not run them under the roads and use inductive charging?
Esteban Sperber Frankel
I am realizing that in the USA car makers are not bringing new technologies to replace from the old internal combustion engines and the USA citizens and goverments are slaves from the big oil corporations and producers, it is shame the Japan, South Korea and Germany are begining to make cars with new technologies, where are the technician car builders in the USA?. Now comming about making cheap hydrogen from natural gas with a cold plasma reactors geting hydrogen and carbon as high quality carbon black with almost zero emmisions, there are in Norway, UK, Poland, South Korea and others technologies, why in the USA is behind to any new technology?.