As a commenter on "watts up with that" says - "The Minoan, Egyptian, Roman and Medieval warm periods were all warmer than today. It’s been explained ... many times that you can’t compare rates between proxies which are 50+ year averages with modern records that record each year."
jade_goat is misquoting, the summary of his/her quote is: "Overall, our conclusions are:
a) Globally temperatures are warmer than they have been during the last 2,000 years, and
b) the causes of Medieval warming are not the same as those causing late 20th century warming"
Odd that la nina gets a shout-out, but el nino doesn't. El nino is clearly the driver behind the year's temporary temperature increase. how else could we explain the incredibly rapid drop in anomalies that were recorded once nino ended?
First, I don't doubt the warming trend but I do question it's severity and how unbiased the data may or may not be. In the past 100 years the hottest and coldest temperatures in the U.S. were in the 1930s. Since the widespread use of ACCURATE scientific measurement equipment is fairly recent, data from more than 50 years ago must be considered for what it is. Go to a hardware store and compare the temperatures on the outdoor thermometers. The variation will amaze you. I also question the motives of those who want to extend their governmental power and financial gain with doubtful cures. Since the economics of the world depends on cheap energy, high carbon taxes and expensive forced alternative energy will not be the way. When I see a new electric rail system being proposed and reasonably priced electric cars, then I will believe the proposed solutions are in the public's best interests rather than a select few in government and business.
So the hottest year is hundredths of a degree hotter, even though the stated accuracy is a tenth of a degree, that's if one could accept that you know the temperature of the entire surface of the earth to even a degree or two, let alone over one hundred years. Wake me up when the adults are back in charge (hint, hint, 1-20-17).
Robert in Vancouver
I have lived 50 metres away from the Pacific Ocean for 43 years. Tide marks on the beach, rocks, and piers have not changed in 43 years. If there was global warming of any measurable degree, oceans would rise, but they haven't. Time to stop wasting money and effort on man-made global warming and focus on REAL problems, like cures for cancer, malaria, heart disease, etc.
My god a forest fire in Fort McMurray is listed as part of the hysteria!? Those who care to research issues know that weather monitoring stations are set up in urban heat sinks etc., etc., etc. Climate Gate etc.... Real scientists who base things on empirical evidence, not on a phony consensus must cringe. I find it very sad for the future of science as a field that it has been so politicized and so many have prostituted themselves for this political sham that while having been exposed keeps being pathetically driven.
Yes, the 1930s were the warmest on record with 1931 probably being the warmest year. Are these the same people who say that the polar ice caps are melting? There is only one ice cap and that is in Antarctica where the average temperature is about - 58C. When has the temperature there risen to + 10C on average there? The north pole is covered with floating ice and in the 1400s Chinese ships crossed it because it melted. The NOAA and NASA have already been caught manipulating temperature data (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFyH-b3FRvE). While we are at it, how can CO2 occupying only 39/1000 of 1% of the earth's atmosphere cause the greenhouse effect. If you remove CO2, all life on this planet will cease. Will the real Chicken Little please stand up and leave the building?
The planet is warming up because we are burning fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow, chopping and burning down forests. We are polluting this place, trashing it. The US are still the biggest waste producers and energy wasters out there. But hey we are all guilty.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Morning lows (afternoon wet bulbs) are the salient measurements. These represent the heat energy (enthalpy) of the air, or the cost of air conditioning.