Diesel option? NO, NO & NO!
Bob Stuart
It sounds as if the first repair could cost more than I spend on a car in a decade. I won't buy gadgets I can't fix.
Diesel option? YES, YES & YES!
Terence Hawkes
Looks fabulous, but is lacking something just about every manufacturer ignores these days...it woulfd be nice to actually be able to use all that wonderful interior space by having the rear seats fold absolutely flat. A few years back, folt flat seats were common. Now they are rare as hen’s teeth. You can give us auto tracking headlights, adaptive ruise control and a fabulous head’s up display but not simple fold flat seats. Why?
A car that reads signs? We have so many access roads parallel to the highway with signs that are just a few feet from the highway's signs, it is difficult to know which is which. This also has too many engine choices with a hybrid not being one of them. As much as I like GPS navigation, it has a long way to go. More than once has my GPS routed me off the interstate and then told me to make a u-turn and get back on. How about a smart phone system that tells senders you are driving and will answer as soon as the car gets off the highway and stops?
It looks like Ford has completely eliminated the sedan body style. That's a shame, because my wife and I both prefer sedans ... so I guess we were lucky to have purchased a new Focus sedan late last year.
Maybe Ford will re-introduce another Focus sedan by the time we're in the market for another new car -- which could be years from now if the one we just bought serves us well without any major issues.
Only time will tell ...
I switched from Focus to Fiesta. I strongly prefer smaller cars like Fiesta. But wow, the coming Focus has a lot to like. And with 13 colors on launch, I'm hoping that one of them is green, like my 2011 Fiesta. That way, I can keep my license plate, which smugly reads GREEN.
There many reasons why Ford stock has been in decline for the last 5 years.
Spending billions to revamp a small car in a segment already full of low margin competitors is new one.
Terence Hawkes, I agree that a well-rounded car like the Focus deserves fold-flat seats. Fold-flats were perfected in the Honda Fit, which lets you fold the seats flat in second. So my wife and I were dismayed to discover that it takes minutes to fold the seats flat in her 2012 Honda CR-X.
Now if only Ford stops its silly practice of telling North American Focus and Fiesta buyers, "IF you want our most powerful engine option OR our tiny EcoBoost engine, THEN you must forgo an automatic transmission." With Fiesta, at least, the EcoBoost was finally offered with the 6-speed automatic. But on both the Fiesta and the Focus, if you want the best engine, you're required to buy the ST trim, with a manual shifter.