You must be big if you had trouble fitting into an MX-5. I am 6'1" and I have had two MX-5s (a 1990 and a 2005) and they fitted perfectly with room to spare. Many of the old European sports cars were too small for a six footer (e.g the MG Midget or the Fiat X1/9) but the MX-5 was fine. There's nothing on the market for the money that is as good as the MX-5.
I agree with yawood. The Miata's size is perfect for the majority of people. I don't see the point of using words like cramped, tiny, "made for small people" many times in the article to give the impression that the car is too small. Maybe the reviewer should start a diet, and focus on reviewing SUVs until he gets back to normal size.
Aaron Turpen
I'm not fat, I'm big boned!
20 years ago, Honda's naturally-aspirated 2-liter F20C engine (in the S2000) made 240 HP. Mazda's 2-liter is now all the way up to 181 HP. Not great progress.
It’s not really true that the “Miata is just as cramped as it’s always been.” One of the most controversial characteristics of the current Miata (generation “ND”) is that it’s shorter than any previous Miata, with a noticeable lower interior volume—much more so than at least the two previous generations. I have plenty of space in my 2015 NC, yet I feel very cramped in the ND. I think that’s why the two commenters who have previous-gen Miatas were a bit confused by the author’s statements.
As for the commenter who mentioned the S2000 engine, yup, it was special and amazing for its time. However, it had so-so fuel economy (18 city, 25 highway) and it made its power way up in the rev range...8500+ rpm. The Miata engine has more torque and horsepower up until about 6500 rpm, and it’s almost 50% more fuel efficient (!!) at 25 city, 35 highway. I call that major progress. And this engine is in a significantly lighter vehicle.
The body style reminds me of the Cheeta built by Chevrolet to counter the Shelby Cobra.
It has a style similar to the Opel GT. I think it looks great.
My base model NC Miata is the perfect Suv, with the emphasis on Sport. When I bought the car, I had the dealer put a trailer hitch and cruise control on it. I use the hitch for a bike rack, a ski rack and a Trailex kayak trailer that I have outfitted to carry 2 kayaks and two bicycles. I've outfitted the original wheels with a set of Michelin X-Ice winter tires and drove to CO, from my home in eastern PA, this winter for a ski vacation and encountered a near blizzard on the way. I was passing people the next day @ 70mph on hard packed snow on I-70. I bought a set of MSW Type 85 wheels and put Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 all weathers on them. I have fun chasing down SUVs on windy back roads WHILE pulling my fully loaded trailer. DO NOT tell me that the Miata is impractical.
Expanded Viewpoint
I LOVE getting behind the wheel of my friend's 2001 Miata every chance I get! I'm right at 6' and about 165 Lbs, so I have no problem fitting in it at all. After I get some financial stuff taken care of this year, I'm going to be seriously looking for one of my own. No stranger to hot rodding I, mine will probably be sporting a Duratec V6 or maybe even a 5.0 Ford with GT-40 heads on it with a T-Bird IRS and a T-5 trans in between them. Yee Haw!!
Expanded Viewpoint
Oh yeah, I forgot to say that Mazda should punch that block out to 2.5L and get some extra HP that way. The only substitute for cubic inches is cubic bucks.