It reminds me a bit of the Geo Tracker that was popular in the US in the 90's as sort of a budget jeep.
".......to lick your finger and poke it into the ears of your back seat passengers while shouting "wet Willy!"" Really? If that's a requirement, it has put me right off getting one of these; I'll stick with my old G-Wagen.... lol
@Daishi: That's because it's actually quite closely related to the Tracker.
The Escudo/Vitara/Sidekick/Tracker was essentially a larger version of the 1980s version of this (and we got that version as the Samurai).
I had a 4x4 dealership where I sold Suzuki Vitaras (Geo Tracker) loaded with big wheels, Bushwacker arches bull bars and such. With the Jimny we would present them well (without spending too much on parts). The issue was the vehicle's ride quality was so gruelling any long trip had to be avoided. They were good off-road but the suspension and lack of power made it horrible for any trip - at least once you were over the novelty of the look. Hope they have sorted these a little more for modern times.
What guy would want a vehicle that people call “super-cute”
People with enough money for a dedicated off road vehicle will find this too stripped down. People who are attracted to the price will wish that it had more comfortable suspension and more engine power to make it suitable as a daily driver.
Chijazz - any guy not worried about having to display his masculinity.
Are these coming to the US?
Jonathan Colvin
And of course we can't have it in North America because it's not a gas guzzling full size and the USA's chicken tax duties.
I'm still driving my 1987 Samarai, which is the identical vehicle (and, amusingly, was also called the Jimny in Japan). I'm glad they "updated" it, though the dash, interior, engine, and suspension all looks the same. The thing cannot be stopped by snow or mud, but it definitely isn't an interstate vehicle.