Anthony Parkerwood
Does it come in diesel or automatic?
Don't get your hopes up America, Suzuki pulled anchor years ago and I have not seen anything of a return to the USA, back then there 4x4s were Vitaras and also sold by Chevrolet as Trackers. So if there is any hope maybe might see it listed as a Chevy?
In trips to Japan you see tiny little 4x4's everywhere, I've often thought with the "tiny" movement and all the downsizing that they would be pretty popular in the US. Probably about the same size as the original Jeep..
Can't wait. They must like years ending in 8: "The world's most dangerous car is the 1988 Suzuki Samurai" Hopefully 30 years included adequate re-design and testing.
I =wish= they'd introduce something like that in the US. Guess I'll have to settle for a Bollinger B1 instead. (electro-quiet VROOM, VROOM)
Don't forget the Chevy Metro. I had a 2000 4 cylinder that got 49MPG, and that was in Southern Cal. I would like to see this come to the states. Small, practical, cool.
Ya it's cute but GMC owners may not like the name they have given it. For years the nickname GMC owner have called their vehicles were " Jimmys "
Looks like a up to date descendant of this: Excellent little off-roader from the 1970s. 540cc 2-stroke but geared so low you could just about climb walls with it. Hopefully the new Jimny is a fair bit faster, safer and quieter, but no less robust.
It looks fantastic, I can't wait. I was worried that they might screw up what was basically a good package with the previous Jimny. Thank heavens they've kept the transfer box.
Tom Lee Mullins
I think Suzuki would still be in the US if they had that. I hope they come back to the USA so they can sell that here. I would consider getting one.