While I'm no fan of H-D, I can understand their motives in making this bike...but I don't think it will matter much. My sense of things is that millennials are just not interested in two wheel modes of conveyance beyond Lime e-scooters. Sadly, these kids think the motorcycle game at Dave & Buster's has any relation to the real thing.
Will Harley include its iconic vibration and losing of parts as the bike goes down the road? Will the electric bike be underpowered and slow its engine on cranking the throttle and trying to accelerate? These are the iconic features of Harleys. I know a man who's son wanted a crotch rocket (foreign bike), he wouldn't let him have one but did allow him to get a Harley since he felt the kid wouldn't be able to do himself an injury on the Harley.
The original's styling was lauded by all, so what does HD do? they change it.
Harley-Davidson: The bike of dentists and lawyers who want to pretend they are men.
The problems that I saw with HD were:
1. They were expensive because they were made in the USA...but then they changed that...they were not made in the USA (entirely) but they were still expensive. 2. The technology the used lagged. For example the bike I used had ABS long before HD did. 3. Some people did not like how loud they were but they did not have an alternative (that I saw/heard at least). Of course there were those who WANTED the loud bikes...
I think the main problem is they cost as much as a car...
H-D has missed its chance by failing to respond to the market quickly enough. It will join other former American corporate juggernauts in the scrap heap, like Kodak, Polaroid and Blockbuster. I suspect Livewire will turn out to be Shortcircuit.
Joshua Tulberg
There is something wrong about a Harley being as reliable as an electric motorcycle. ;-)
GRTBLU, wolf0579, and tulberg are either 14 years old, really don't know squat about HD's, or are just idiots saying the same old mantra over and over again with little brain power. Hey guys, here is the truth. I've owned 5 Kawasaki, 5 Suzuki, 3 Yamaha, 3 Honda, 4 Harleys including one Evo and one Twin Cam (no newer ones). My Evo and Twin Cam bikes were every bit as dependable as my Jap bikes (and I LOVE Japanese stuff!). Also, after you spend a week in the saddle of an HD you learn how to ride it differently than the others and it becomes very good. My Twin Cam had some goodies on it and it amazed my buddies on ride rockets at how I could keep up as they tried to leave me. Torque is not a 4 letter word. Anyone who continues to say all HD riders are wannabes is an idiot. I usually ride alone or with the wife, wear the same clothes that I always do (jeans/t shirt in hot NC), and am in no club. My bike still has the baffles (I do have Slip ons) so it isn't annoying (especially to me). But I've owned my last HD
This is a continuation of my previous comment. Why won't I buy another HD. Simple. I'm tired of dealing with arrogant peckerheads. The dealers were absolutely terrible for years. A friend of mine has his new bike sold out from under him for more money when it arrived after several months and never told him, just kept leading him on. Another said, "Oh, I can order you one of those for $15k, but if you want this one on the floor and ride today it is $17k." For many years, HD dealers have acted like they walk on water and you are lucky they sold you one. Ever talk to someone at the factory? I spoke with the SVP for Engines and Drivelines one day and he was a 100% certified jerk off. LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE for years has hurt them more than their arrogance will let them admit. Oh, and I can think of one instance where a 2007 bagger, just the 2007 baggers, had an engineering problem that was fixed the next year and no recall. No discount on the part. No labor discount. I spent $350 and it was a whole new bike. This was a $34k Screaming Eagle Electra Glide. It is in the accessories cat.
Sorry, guys. As you can see I care about this issue. The number one reason I (and a whole lot of other 59 year old riders) won't buy anything with HD on it (not even a shirt) is how typical it is of HD management being helped by the President and then they turn around and stab him in the back. Forget all the foreign parts. Forget the India produced bikes on sale in the showrooms today. This stab in the back is what you can expect from HD on a $25k motorcycle if you have any issues. Period.