Use a knife!
'Mess and fuss' eating a banana, we're kidding here, right? Just stick a straw through the skin and suck it's guts out!
Nitrozzy Seven
@ Ct "Use a knife!" Hey, if that's so simple then why are there so many slicing tools like this?
Travis Lundy
I can see the infomercial for this now: The screen fades to a dimmed, fuzzy picture of a person struggling against all odds to peel a banana who could be shown how to do it by a person with late stage Lou Gehrig's disease. Wipe to a bright room with a loving, enthusiastic housewife with 4 potassium deficient kids (2 her own and 2 neighbor kids), all wanting banana snacks, as she dutifully and skillfully processes through 3 bunches of bananas delivering in nearly the time it would have taken her to slice said bananas but without the paid smile. Hurry, if you call in the next 2 minutes, we will throw 6 more of these "solution-looking-for-a-problem" miracle devices for free because they will all break the second the come within sight of a dishwasher!
No really, you still have to peel the things and that is easy and what if you get a banana that doesn't fit the arc shape of this device? Then you are just screwed.
This is why I kept my Bass-O-Matic..... Stem, peel, all of it at one time. Whirrrrrr! All of the fiber, none of the hassle.
Here's a tip look around us and see how the rest of the primates eat bananas. They hold the stem and peel the easy to open end which is the bottom. Try it. If you are not completely delighted with it you can go blow ur money on that Banana Bobbit.
Paul Anthony
"However, they can be a little messy, especially if they're being eaten in any way other than simply peeled and chewed."
Exactly, it is so simple. What a waste of plastic.
What's wrong with using a knife?
Bob Fately
But wait! There's more! Order in the next 30 minutes and we'll send you the complete works of Bananarama!
dumb 50 times as big as a knife and 50 times as hard to clean no!