Glenn Wuenstel
This is very cool.
James Turner
the future is looking bright!
This is the type of thinking that excites me about the future. Thanks for the great articles.
I've paid more for compact fluorescents. If they can bring these to market at 3 dollars, I'll instantly replace every bulb in my home.
I can't wait, but I doubt it will cost $3 at first. My guess is that the demand will far outweigh supply to start, then it will fall and eventually level off.
Anumakonda Jagadeesh
Very useful to conserve power. Cost should be reduced so that developing countries can afford.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India
which will come first into the market - LEDs made from gallium nitride, or Organic LEDs?
Racqia Dvorak
2013.... what happened to this tech?
They are surrounding us, but not so cheap as promised. Still, sapphire wafer is in use. The cheapest LED's on market now are around 15$ at 45W at 3500 lumens, but is only the chip, an LED array quite impressive, yes, with good efficacy, but still need a special power supply and a heatsink and a fan to work properly - this rise the price to probably 35-40$ a luminaire. Search for Cree CXA2011; Bridgelux; others as well...
This article was written in 2009, its now 2013 ... 4 years later and its still not available ? Where's the tech at ?