Robert Walther
Wow! Those printed tires look as good as Michelins from the factory. The speed at which that 3d printer moves is unbelievable. Amazing magic. I wonder how fast they can print gold or even people?
3D Printing certain *parts* is not the same thing as 3D Printing an entire item, such as a "3D-printed Shelby Cobra".
The language is very sloppy. Sloppy to the point of simply being incorrect.
"You can print out a working vehicle in a matter of days or weeks."
No you can't.
I want the files!! Screw printing my own AR15 or M16 receiver, I want a Shelby I can customize!
Tom Lee Mullins
I think that is really cool. I think it would not only be good for concept vehicles but also custom vehicles or one-off vehicles. I think 3D printing has a big future.
So much bull in this. It was made by the machine that craved it from the raw printed pieces. At 500lbs that is 2x's weight as much as those parts made in medium tech composites. Resin with 20% CF is no better than 20% FG. CF for 90% of what it is used for is hype. it in fact takes more labor than I do building one from scratch with normal composite tech. And ,mine will be 3x' stronger at 50% of the weight.
In the entire article there's not a single mention of the most exciting thing about this project: AN ELECTRIC COBRA.
(One of the 97 photos is of a brochure, which mentions "batteries with extended range.")
Our tax dollars at work, I'm not impressed.
Martin Hone
Love it ! Interesting that amongst all that hi-tec stuff was a very basic hand lay up of the carbonfibre hood.....
Stephen N Russell
Mass produce this, awesome, now anyone can have a Shelby orig in garage, awesome
Oh what a disappointment !
Naively I believed the (usually fairly accurate) Gizmag feature headline, and took the time to watch and listen to the video.
The ACTUAL truth is that these guys made a FEW bits of a Cobra, ( poorly executed body mouldings which could have been done easily & BETTER by any GRP or composite method) then spent hundreds of hours and money making it look acceptable, whilst bolting on hundreds of components sourced from scores of REAL manufacturers elsewhere.
Goodness me, a dugout canoe made by "primitive" native labourers is more high-tech than this. AND a dugout is truly energy efficient.
This feature makes one even less trusting of press blurb .
Can't you guys vet the blurb a bit more?
Your Gizmag articles are usually fairly interesting and truthful.
Hoping to hear about more great stuff in Gizmag, but accurately, please.