If this trend keeps up, I think it won't be long where the 3-D printer will cost about the same as a desktop laser printer.
Too bad that as for the other 3d system printers you will find yourself to pay 3-5 times more (150$/Kg!) for the material as it uses a proprietary spool. It is the cheap printer, hugely expensive consumable all over again!
But can it print a document. Will the cartridge be half full new and last a few pages to find that the cartridge cost more than the printer?
The Skud
The cost of consumables will alwaysbe a stumbling block until one of these manufacturers comes up with an integrated or stand-alone accessory shredder/melter and moulder device that can reuse suitable recyclable plastic stock (drink water bottles?) into filament spools at a dearer upfront purchase cost, but then much cheaper system.
The Skud
Added comment - Perhaps that university guy could adapt his "shredded plastic into fuel" device to get the base stock for 3D spools? Circular thinking!
I cannot see a long-term future for 3D printing.
Manufactures will always make wild claims about consumables and products costing while using planned obsolescence. This is the latest strategy by use by Manufactures for, to hell with saving the planet for big bucks.
I'd like to point out to everyone that printers have been selling for $200 - $300 and the prices are rising based on demand/exposure. Classic price bloat and in the end, consumers lose. Build your own and print parts for other people to build them too. The 3D printer movement was intended to be open source but has now gone profit.
Eric Brackenbury
If it does not run in Linux its not worth discussing, these guys went to the "lets mess up the planet Business school" I think. The world is paved with the best of intentions until it comes to money.
The consumables for a multi-axis CNC milling station will always cost less than 3D printing, I'm afraid. And, even using billets of aluminium, which are fairly cheap, the result is tough, tough, tough. You could plop the part right into your bicycle and ride it. Unlike anything that comes from a 3D printer, oh, except for maybe a headlight case or bottle bracket.