I think it's a bit early for this article. Please revisit when Google has finalized the SDK and allowed 3rd party devs to release their products. I'm particularly looking forward to Plex supporting the Cast API.
Artie Langston
I'll be truly shocked if Hulu plus ever arrives for Chromecast, and if the past is any indication, it might be foolhardy to ever expect it. We still get good use out of our sadly orphaned Logictech Revue, but there was never a compatible Hulu app, not even one that was capable of being side loaded. There is obviously something behind the scenes that prevents Google from offering Hulu on their devices. Hope I'm wrong, but Netflix is very worthwhile in itself. Just don't sit around waiting for Hulu if you're a fan.
Atul Malhotra
Who needs a new device ! I use a Chinese made USB TV stick that boasts of WiFi and DLNA. My Lumia 720 (with a 64 GB card that carries all my videos) streams everything wirelessly to my Panasonic LED TV perfectly ! And yes, the TV stick cost me just 50 USD !
Hugh Roper
I was excited when I placed the order for my Chromecast. I teach a class of high school student early in the morning and was excited to give the students with Android phones the capability to collaborate with the class via the projector (like their iOS classmates do with AppleTV). Unfortunately the Chromecast never gets plugged in. There is little content on Google Play or Netflix that fits in with my class. Youtube is blocked on WiFi. And the Chrome (mobile) browser doesn't (yet) support Chromecast. Chromecast, like it's predecessor (Nexus Q) was shipped way too early.
Saajid Rizvi
Avi files not supported on chrome browser & mkv did send audio as well.So im left with mkv & mp4 files to stream where all my movies are in avi.Plz let me know if there's any extension tht allows avi to play on chrome browser on my desktop.
Chris Harrison
If you're wanting to Stream videos through Chrome to ChromeCast but they wont play by simply doing CTRL + O due to video/format/ext issues. Look into installing Plex. Plex allows you to use their installed software to play media through the chrome browser, which in turn will allow you to cast over to ChromeCast (if that makes any since?) For now that is the best way I know of to broadcast local media content. There are endless amounts of possibilities with just a little ingenuity, that's what makes ChromeCast awesome. But I agree this article is a little to early IMHO.
I’m an Android app developer, who is waiting for the official Chromecast SDK release, which is currently in "Developer Preview". I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever be available for independent developers like me. My app - SPLIT BROWSER - has been ready with full support for Chromecast for a while but I haven't got any replies from Google about their release date. I've also heard that Google will only "whitelist" apps for major media companies. So we have to wait and see. Here's a video demo of Chromecast support in my app: This Google Cast SDK release page will have updates when they make it official:
Manda MEss
Some have no faith :( Hulu + has jumped onto the Chromecast bandwagon, and with some patience.. Every other needed option will be added as well. This is only my opinion, but this is Google we are talking about.
Debra Linton
I don't have usb port on my hdtv however there is one on my xfinity cable box. Would this work using my cable box?
Leah Redman
I'm really enjoying our Chromecast so far, but I wish that Chrome (mobile) was supported. That's really ALL I'm waiting for at the moment. Every other app that comes out will be a bonus.