That sucks...
Alex Lopez
Paulgo, Read the book of Acabion online at their web. Flip book section. I\'m sure you will change your mind after reading it.
Y\'know, i\'m fairly sure that was a joke...

Vacuum tubes, etc.?
no more pollution, no more car exhaust, or ocean dumpage! From now on, we will travel in tube! Get the scientist working on the tube technology, technology...... ,chop, chop, lets go.
Im not bothered that they stole my idea but they can do it justice. At no point did i say they should lay tubing in the idiots. They need to build a tunnel structure that surfaces at continental shelf boundaries in hard rock.

By using gravity to acelerate the passengers they can eliminate accelaration and deceleration problems by computing the required area required to go down , along and up so that on a limited amount of assisted deceleration is required on the receiving end.

It is also possible to have the pods much larger than their tightly fitting torpedo of an idea. In fact it is a requirement i put in my proposal where people can put there luggage next to thewm as they would a train.

The pod would simply adjust there angle such that people were always on level ground as the underlying structure would make it smooth going.

Assited acceleration could be used if the gravitational acceleration is too disconcerting for people in testing perhaps.

Anyways im thankful they reinvented my idea but hey they need to put some thought in to taking the guts of other peoples ideas as well. There was more to the system as well which serviced entire metropolitan areas with pods available to jump in like buses, that went to a destination using a transit system that allowed inter/outer country travel as well.

I\'m sure that wheels will not be necessary if Acabion visionary concept evolves for eletromagnetic propulsion transport.
Vikram Vishwanath
haha this is hilarious, went through so much time to put together a bs website spouting more bs...
Excuse me but there is no need for streamlining in a vacuum.
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Well, it\'s all very interesting - theoretically. I not sure this is actually practical. What do you build these elevated roadways out of and where do you build them and at what cost? Can they withstand hurricanes/cyclones, earthquakes, volcanic ash? Where do you get the energy to drive them? I liked to believe that solar energy alone is sufficient but I keep hearing how it is not.
This requires a MASSIVE and prosperous economy. And a rock stable one.
It\'s a nice dream. I don\'t discount dreams as they allow us to explore possibilities. And this should be given further examination, but I just don\'t see it happening on a large scale. Parts of this will very likely come into existance, but not the whole concept.
And in world news tonight, February 1st, 2110, a vacuum leak in the trans-European transport tube resulted in the deaths of 3,000 people, as their cars decelerated from 12,000 mph to less than 100 mph instanteously, while bursting into flame.