"To achieve the high degrees of target-specific accuracy required, the ADAM system relies on its ability to direct an array of laser beams carried on multiple high-power optical fibers into one coherent beam." Yah, it's a death star but industrial trademarks don't allow for this particular nomenclature. I like how you can stealthily disable the boat without explosives or giving away your firing position. Once the boat is dead in the water, THEN you can feel free to give away your position (let's face it they probably know where you are anyway or else the enemy boat wouldn't be there) and start tossing HE rounds at it to make sure its crew also ends up dead in the water as well.
I'll bet people are a softer target.
Wow,, erm....exciting!
Now that the enemy has a bit of tan, bring out the new rail gun to show em how we really blow up rubber ducks.
The laser gun reminds me of one that was in the Disney movie Condorman. I read that it was an actual laser that was used (not powerful enough to do harm).
Excellent progress, Lockheed Martin. Why the last time a boat was set afire with a high-energy beam was 212 BC during the siege of Syracuse.
Did you ever notice ADAM's targets are always painted black?
I assume the laser will be able to track moving targets (in the video the boat is destroyed at a stand still). But part of the issue with the ocean is line of sight. A laser has a linear line of sight and in high swells it may be difficult to keep a target acquired, due to it dipping out of view.
I can see them having a higher intensity laser for water-based targets, that way the beam would not need to stay on the target as long. But this laser is effective vs aircraft etc.
Yeahh, you can take out a rubber boat with a properly positioned lawn dart. What happens to a laser with 3" of steel, especially if it is shiny?
CliffG makes an excellent point: This expensive approach will be of very limited military use, as it can be defeated with white paint or other reflective surfaces, smoke, clouds, etc. Unless the enemy is obliging and paints things black for ADAM's convenience. For example, a 30kW beam hitting a target with 95% reflectivity, would only deposit 1.5kW on it. This is negligible compared to the engine heat dissipation of just about anything relevant.
Harold Abbott
Underwhelming, especially if it cost more than $100!
Wow...great....uh...pathetic. 30 seconds to punch a tiny hole through rubber and make the boat deflate (not sink). Yeah, good luck with punching through metal.
Look, I can see the potential, but this is not a real product yet.