Well, this: looks way better, but it seems to be in development hell for lack of funding... Good luck to Aero-X anyway!
Of course they are taking deposits 3 years in advance. Their claims are almost certifiably nonsense. Those deposits probably aren't refundable if the company files bankruptcy and if the company fails to deliver in 2017 that might be a likely outcome. They wouldn't be taking deposits for units they don't even project to start shipping until 2017 if they weren't struggling for operating cash.
In the video they have posted they went to the salt flats to string together a bunch of footage of them struggling to go 20 feet at a time. They took 4 seconds of flight time, then ran it in slow mo from 3 different angles and that was a trained driver under very forgiving conditions.
75 minute flight time? "positive impact on agriculture, herd management, and geo-surveying"? They cross the line from exaggeration into nonsense.
Butterfly runs circles around this thing for a lot less money and they actually have models in production now:
The ultralight is only 22k assembled and 18k as a kit.
about 1 mpg great
Island Architect
Bravo, what fun!
I guess that I'd want some screens to keep little fingers out of the way.
Entire RV8 airplanes can be had for ~$85,000, and can go much further, much faster, with better fuel economy. And they can do aerobatics. And are pretty much guaranteed to be delivered and supported for that price.
John Sorensen
$85 Grand for another big toy? I don't see anything new here. There have been hovercraft for 50+ years. They may be fun riding in a big wide-open area, but they still can't be controlled well enough to ride in traffic or in a heavy wood.
I'll keep my motorcycle.
Richard Stutheit
Hoverbike, needs safety cage over rotors and jet for speed. not practical as it stands, might check with Boeing for computer controls they use in the F16 type that control functions much better than manual for stability.
Two people, but total load of 310 pounds, including fuel. Either two small naked individuals, or the operator isn't counted as part of the load.
Why have four wheels?
Jay Finke
Looks like it needs a handlebar basket on it to carry cats in.
Seems useful for lopping off the heads of small animals and children!