“There’s clearly much more work to be done here, but if those results stand, then aging may be a reversible condition, IF IT IS CAUGHT EARLY,”
Oh, sure. Spend the whole article building up my hopes then stomp them all into the ground. Hey, old fogeys need this more than young pups do.
If what is caught early? Aging? "Doctor, what is it, am I going to be ok? " "No, Timmy, it appears you've got a case of Age. There's no known cure. I'm sorry, if only we had seen this coming."
In any case, I guarantee that right this very moment, human trials have begun using a number of very wealthy octogenarians.
That is just what we need - mice that live forever!
The sentence of death was written into the genetic code of every human cell. Looks like you have a lot of work ahead.
Jimbo Jones
Hahaha, I was just going to begin with that quote also, Gadgeteer. All was starting my engines until that ending. I was ready to sign up NOW.
Hey, if this stuff could knock even 10 years off my 70 yo body it would be a blessing. I'd feel a whole lot better and have more energy...
It would be amazing if this turned out to be a cure for progeria. Of course, I'd love for my 47 year old body to start working better too, but allowing ill kids to live normal lives is a bit more important.
Steven Greer
Ray Kurzweil must be either behind this research or losing his mind with joy over this news. "Breathe Ray... breathe!!"
But seriously, not sure how I feel about this. Considering that I have Type 2 Diabetes, I like the idea of some targeted age regression of course... but the possibilities for overpopulation (I can't help but call to mind all the apocalyptic dystopian scenarios from popular fiction) are disconcerting.
Art Toegemann
Read the same at The Guardian yesterday. Comments were closed. Here's one that made it:
NADH, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) hydrogen (H) is already available over the counter at reasonable prices and is likely just as effective as NAD itself. Note that this study is being conducted by universities and is not being undertaken by the pharmaceutical industry as there is no patent. The $50,000/day price tag is likely highly exaggerated.
Can I sign up? I'm not getting any younger…. YET! Really, I'd give it a try….I'm in my 60's, good shape, and fearing a future of cancer, and old age…. SO, I am ready for NAD!
Considering the fact that we've lost more than a decade to the effects of the global financial meltdown, it would be nice to see the power of compound growth applied to a longer lived population - only fair really.