I'm already angry at the first guy I see with a 100db fan that blows water at everyone around him.
I do not think that we need more devices that require batteries - especially when there is an existing solution. What's wrong with a simple umbrella? No batteries needed and it does the job perfectly. Just carry a mini umbrella or a rain poncho in your purse/backpack/bag and you'll be saved from being a "cold, shivering mess." And you can drop an umbrella on the ground without causing damage. I doubt you could do the same with this device.
Darin Selby
Lol! :-D
Martin Winlow
Sorry guys! I can think of some very good ways of using this idea. Sadly, an umbrella, for use anywhere else than in the middle of no-where - on your own, is not one of them! MW
Pedro Coimbra E Costa
Actually I think this might be a great idea for motorcycle riders.
If you can get an air flow strong enough to both counteract the force of the rain plus me moving on a motorbike, keeping me dry during those wet winter months then count me in.
Besides in this application I wouldn't have to care about the 30min battery.... just connect it to the bike.
Brian M
Won't sell well in Britain - 30mins protection, wouldn't be any good on a summers day here!
Mel Tisdale
It might be a selling feature if built into an electric bike. But other than that, it should have come before the umbrella and the article have been about a new non-electric device that opens up and keeps the rain off. We'd all be queuing up to buy one,
Dirk Scott
Jaguar cars tried airflow to deflect rain instead of windscreen wipers. They abandoned the idea.
The umbrella is a ubiquitous technology because it is simple, cheap enough to be almost disposable and needs no charging or batteries.
A product which replaces these fundamental advantages with inferior features and higher cost is restricted to novelty status.
This product will just join all the other junk-you-dont-need stuff at the back of the drawer, probably sporting the logo of the company who gave it away as a promotional gift.
There is, however a niche market for this in Scotland where the tiny but voracious Highland Midge is an absolute pain. If this baby blows them away I'll order one to hold over my head and another for under my kilt. (the traditional method is to hold a lighted cigarette under one's kilt, but that has health risks which extend beyond those usually associated with cigarettes)T
Vincent Bevort
Noisy, heavy and short lived (battery)
Where I live we tend to have rain all day long 15 minutes is just not enough Ventilators are always noisy and 500 gr is way to heavy to hold up even for only 15 minutes to be comfortable
Another trash design
Mel Tisdale
@ Dirk Scott
Excellent point. I have never worn a kilt, so bow to your superior knowledge on the perils of wearing one (I imagine the scars generate some interesting questions). However, I have been to Scotland's Highlands and Islands. Despite their beauty, I vowed never to return because of those damn midges. If this device does what you hope and I can buy one, I could be tempted to risk another visit.