I've often thought of this. Seems like it would drastically cut the weight of the wings design and lead to a more solid construction overall.
Wouldn't it be only on a specific part of the airplane ? Like above the wings and not on the whole length.
I don't think we will see this anytime soon with the noise and vibrations they would add to the cabin (while currently the wings reduce it)
William H Lanteigne
Google deHavilland Comet. Engines embedded in the wings, c 1952.
I certainly wouldn't want to crash land in one! You would get blown to bits or fried alive by the disintegrating engines in a crash. It wouldn't be safe at all for passengers.
Robert Walther
I would actually prefer 4K (+) large monitors rather than a teensy window. The fuselage would be safer and stronger and your view could be anything you choose.
"Fighter planes" have been using turbo fan engines for half a century. Turbo jets are no longer used on any plane designed or built in the last 40-50 years.
The "Fan" only improves efficiency at low altitudes where the air is denser. At altitude, in less dense air, thrust is supplied by the jet, or to be exact the pressure differential between the front and back of the engine. There may be a weight savings in the smaller jet but reducing the diameter by half reduces area by one quarter so four engines would be used to replace one. That means complexity for the same amount of thrust is quadrupled. There's a reason two engine configuration replaced four engine configuration. Now Airbus will increase it to eight? That sounds like a step backward.
Besides noise suppression , as mentioned in a comment, "How do you get in and out of the aircraft? AS to crash evacuation there are aircraft currently and in the past that have engines mounted on the rear of the fuselage which do not take up a large portion of the plane. Under a delta wing ala Valkarie XB70 or Concord? Patent may or may not be an issue. Note the jets with rear mounted engines stick out from the fuselage where the wrap around will have passenger and freight loading issues as well as noise isolation.
Why not just do away with windows, replace them with a mini cam and lightweight screen. You'd have stronger aircraft, more sound insulation and no more wing blocking views.
Yet ANOTHER crackhead concept aircraft from Toulouse. What the hell are they smoking there? Interchangeable passenger sections? Stacked seating? Someone there is having a real good laugh pulling the medias' leg.