Peter Forte
Truly exciting developments!!
Current airplane design is very much based on history and the needs of jet engines, so it will be interesting to see what they come up with.
Chris Coles
While not enjoying being seen as negative to any new thinking; as I see thing, liquid hydrogen will not succeed as a fuel. It is difficult to store, is incredibly dangerous, as anyone familiar with space rockets will know, hydrogen can be very explosive. Now add that every time flown, all the hydrogen gas will have to be drained off the aircraft, as even storing the aircraft outside will carry risks of leaks and resulting explosions. Then add, these uses will not be the occasional flight; a hydrogen leak on an active airfield will, almost certainly; close the airfield down until all gas has been dispersed . . . and checked to be so. While on paper a great idea, sadly, the use of hydrogen gas to replace more complex hydrocarbons will never become widespread . . . there are simply too many risks involved.
Chris Coles
And to add, all such hydrogen storage involving liquid hydrogen will have, as we always see with rockets, substantial flows of gas being vented, as it is impossible to keep anything stored at - 253 Degrees C without a suitable system to allow excess gas flow caused by the gas stored boiling off to be continuously vented to the surrounding atmosphere.
If this energy storage system has merit, we will see it developed over the next decade, but what Chris Cole says about the pressures of storage tanks and having to keep them at near Kelvin temps will certainly be a huge challenge. It's like designing a battery from components in dynamite. There's little room for error and for heaven's sake be careful. Are you sure you want to try this?
Finding ways to produce hydrogen economically and effective ways to store it is key.
Derek Howe
This project won't go anywhere meaningful.
And once again the armchair trolls have not read the article, thinking they know more than the engineers pioneering this technology.

Sorry for those clinging on to caveman mentality, the future is unfolding and the future sits right here in this very article.

Well done Aerodelft, this technology is going to be an absolute successor to the troubling fossil fueled industry plaguing the planet.
Hydrogen is explosive & so it is really bad idea to use as fuel for any aircraft/vehicle!
Right solution for making all aircraft is the same for all heavy trucks, trains, ships etc:
Start producing biodiesel/biofuel from all kinds of waste/biomass/trash/sewage!

Yet Another TROLL not reading the article nor understanding Hydrogen Technology and how far Aerodelft have come.

Go sit with your fellow flat earth thinkers in a cave somwhere and ponder about the next stone age invention, we living in the 21 st century will continue to make heaps of progress on the latest technology. GO AERODELFT ! ! !
Derek Howe has nothing to contribute, so why bother commenting?
FB36 has not read the article so his comment is worthless.

Arctic shade is 100% correct, well done.