Man they love to make these prop planes and copters as dangerous as possible. Exit the craft while spinning props is guaranteed to shred the occupants into zillions of pieces. Land anywhere near a person in an emergency landing and they become hamburger meat.
Looks like a futuristic airborne combine harvester...
The hydrogen option is the way to go. No CO2 emissions,fast refueling,and decent range. Airborne H2 is already being tested on larger business aircraft
Vincent the great advantage to these is the nearly instantaneous shutdown, unlike a helicopter or prop plane.
This looks like a very elegant design! Hopefully we see these everywhere soon.
Great solution for connecting non airport communities to an airport that can handle the King Airs. They do need more "BEWARE OF PROPELLERS" signs.... or maybe "DO NOT TRIP OVER SPINNING PROPELLERS", or maybe, "SPINNING PROPS KILL".. or something like that.
Isn't that big sill on the door going to make it hard to load gurneys?
When will they learn such props are very inefficient. A 2 blade simple counter rotating rotor of the same area on a shaft will put out 5x the lift. Something you can't give up in an EV.
It is high up so no one gets hit , dynamically stable including in crosswinds without a computer that takes up less landing space, area.
Cool thing to steer you just lean the rotor where you want to go Gyro style, no computers needed.
Always wondered why they don't fit LED' s on the rotor tips, would make them safer. And way cooler looking.
Yet another design that will likely never make it off the ground let alone into use. Waste of money.
Interesting concept and quite unlike others currently in development or undergoing testing (eg. eHang). @Vincent, it's a very simple task to fit an interlock between prop motion and the door locks, so that no-one leaves the craft until all props have stopped. Shouldn't take longer than a couple of seconds from landing to prop stop.