The autonomous safety talk is good, but with autonomy, I’d also be very interested in the levels of redundancy of the various systems?

When a failure happens on a helicopter, the difference between surviving and not can be a highly skilled pilot.

BTW, next time they might want to turn on the lights so their promo photos actually show the product. ;-)
Why would someone steal this costly complicated design? You'd have to be dumb to do that.
Multicopters are not efficient enough to work and all the added weight, complications of many tilting rotors just cuts range, payload.
Just replace everything but the cabin with a simple 2 25' diameter rotors shaft above the cabin that tilts in the direction you want to go will have double, triple range on the same battery.
So their business plan is for urban congestion to get consistently worse, making their vehicle seem like a good idea for people who can afford it. But in this dystopian world supply chains and advanced manufacturing will still work perfectly.
looks like a reasonable approach with the focus on attracting money... But let's be clear, if transportation shall be ecological and energy saving, it won't be up in the air... Even the oldest car will use less energy than any eVTOL with a MTOW of 7'000 lb. So let's name it a gadget for the wealthy, which is nice to develop. Redundant systems, auto-piloted including sense and avoid etc. does not sound cheap.
Promising a range of 30 miles sounds more realistic, maybe 15 miles at the end. But no worries, battery technology improves constantly 1-2 % ver year, so in a decade you may get 35 miles promised and actually 20 miles range. However, most people need to commute further to work. And if the cost is beyond 1 or two million or more, it is likely for people who do not need to commute... So, the market could be a pick up service from there villa to their private jet. Yes, of course, it is all about eco-friendly technology...
Cool plane, but I doubt that cross-town niche will live very long. Much cooler LED stage and background. Wow!
@ BlueOakRedundancy is an integral part of an EVTOL system, they work hand in hand and integration is virtually seamless because of the very nature of the technology so nothing to stress about. And with a helicopter pilot not even a skilled pilot is good enough if something goes wrong (which it does many a times)

Again posting your uneducated guesses.
Multicopters ARE efficient and the weight of an electrical system outweighs the weight of a big heavy complicated ICE system with heavy maintenance prone gearboxes.

The tilting mechanism is light, this is not a mega ton Osprey needing to lift horses and elephants ! ;)

A single rotor will be heavy and complicate the head, you'll be back to square one, NO Technologically advanced Multicopters are here to stay and for good reason !

Whether it works or not is not the point, It's making it work better that is important.


@ Dan,

And Yet Again you post uneducated guesses and NO helicopters are for the very elite and super rich you completely have it backwards.

Multicopters will be cheap and efficient.
Ground transport are slow and not efficient at all ! Thats why we have air postal services ! Get out of the cave and get with the future !

No 30 miles promised will be 30 miles given, enough distance for daily commutes, the future of EVTOL's are Bright and will be part of our daily lives to come like bread at the local bakery.


That niche will not only live long, it will revolutionize the way we travel. Either get in one or be left behind in it's wake ;)
My sentence in my first post above might be misinterpreted: when i said "Multicopters ARE efficient and the weight of an electrical system outweighs the weight of a big heavy complicated ICE system"

I meant to say the electrical system of a multicopter is lighter than an ICE system. So the benefits of an electrical system outweighs the negatives compared to an ICE system

Your credibility is undercut with statements like:

“And with a helicopter pilot not even a skilled pilot is good enough if something goes wrong (which it does many a times)”

Do some research. Helicopter mechanical failures are very survivable with a good pilot. (Have you ever known a helicopter pilot or ridden in a helicopter? Talk to one sometime to learn the facts.)