"Racing drone project"
At that price tag (assuming people do plunk down the full price) they'd likely only have to sell a few thousand to get through certification. 1000 x $789K = $789M. Still doubtful.

Also, although it ostensibly parks in a regular space, can you imagine how short the lifetime would be on a typical city street?
Bob Flint
Are you sure you have enough moving parts?
Nelson Hyde Chick
When is the flying car fantasy ever going to go away?
This is just a symptom of people discovering you can legally sell pre-orders for anything and never deliver it without consequence. I'm not sure how many people watched the Lady and the Dale (I recommend it) but they essentially got busted for fraud for selling pre-orders but their auto company wasn't much more fraudulent than many startups today promising things even less realistic.
Marco McClean
The wheels should fold up too, then the body should fold front to back, then side to side, then front to back again, so the whole thing becomes a briefcase, then you happily carry it into the office with you by the little handle that the rearview mirror has become.

I especially like the part where "VTOL operations suck juice like nobody's business." I hear it in my head in the gravelly, breathy voice of a comic Mob gangster. The other guy at the table leans back and says, "Take it easy, Vinny. I know a guy wit' a short runway." They both chuckle at the almost Seussian loaded triple entendre of this.
I wonder if the bending moment in those swing arm pivot pins with those long arms lifting may actually be,,, a snap ! Then on the scam potential,, Remember Moller's flying car fail,, it took in millions over 4 decades but it had better logic and mechanical physics than this origamey rig.
The editing of my first comment obviously went somewhat wrong.
What i meant to say was, How about an update on the manned racing drone project down in Australia ! !
please present real project that actually have a potential for customers! From a mechanical point of view, these swing arms are a nightmare, this has many certification issues ground/air, a death zone of all eVTOLs in case of failure or bird strike, no power (batteries need to get 10 or better 30 times more efficient to compete with traditional engines), software certification cost beyond Boing's problems etc... Hey guys, we love flying and future "aircrafts" but get more realistic designs! Otherwise we loos time dreaming...
Too many hinges and joints for me...