So yes the constant speed thing is nice, but I think the future lies in a MUCH simpler electric drone design. One of the main problems with current helicopters is the overwhelming complexity.
It would be nice to see something that isn't a render. Perhaps even something actually flying. All the cyclogyros that have made recorded flights seem to have rather larger wongs/rotors in comparison to body size and weight.
Look up "Tom Swift Jr. And His Ultrasonic Cycloplane." Not really the same thing, but much of the description is familiar.
guzmanchinky says "One of the main problems with current helicopters is the overwhelming complexity."

Have you seen the Kaman K-MAX rotor design which entirely dispenses with the expensive, complex rotorhead?

I cannot understand why use of this proven design is not much more widespread.
Nelson Hyde Chick
This design seems like it would be burdened with more drag than a conventional helicopter.
Bruce H. Anderson
I wonder if it could be combined with a wing (like the FanWing? to allow VTOL and also take advantage of aerodynamic lift for longer flights.
Catweazle: good question; why AREN’T they used more?
Need more data but the rotors look too small to be efficient.
@Catweazle too cluttered and double the components needed for 2 rotors and old design. Simply go direct drive on the mainrotor and direct drive on the tailrotor, problem solved:
Two words:

Moving Parts

Anyone familiar with rotary wing aircraft would be just a bit skeptical of this design.