And if this aircraft gets used daily, it will be even greener. Still, it can carry nine passengers and some luggage, plus the weight of the batteries too? That's considerable heft.
Wow... cruise speed of 100 knots and a range of 100 miles!!! Put the turbo-prop back in. Cruise at 250 knots with a range of 1100 miles. GMAFB!!!
I love how tiny the equivalent electric motor is, leaving the huge gap behind it. This IS the future, the only thing holding it back is battery tech, and so many companies are working feverishly on density and charging it's only a matter of time...
History Nut
This sounds great. I do have one question. A jet fuel aircraft burns through the fuel load and loses weight as it does so. As it does so, it flies more efficiently. The electric aircraft uses energy from its batteries but does not lose weight. Is this a factor that has not been considered in overall efficiency?
I am afraid battery energy density will never compete with ICE flight. Harbour Air flights are short hops,with flight times of less than an hour. There is a start up building an air taxi powered by cryogenic hydrogen used to power fuel cells,which would yield flights of 400 miles and quick refueling. I hope they can bring the power package to fruition,as it would be invaluable for fixed wing aircraft as well:
Very impressive. But no free ride here. It has to be charged from an energy source. And that source likely produces emissions. Wonder if there is a net gain?
What is crucial in my view is it’s range, loaded and otherwise. If it’s negligible, it’s useless.
Mike Vidal
Zero emissions it is not, since you do not take into account the emissions of the powerplant that is used to charge the batteries unless it is from geothermal, nuclear, solar or wind.
Marketing departments love to use 'zero-emission' in anything related to electric transportation WITHOUT ever considering where the electricity to charge the batteries originates; in most cases fossil fuel power plants.
Looks like a giant step backward. Any battery that has the energy density of jet fuel will be like dynamite in a crash. Global warming has been going on for 10,000 years and man isn't going to change that. Destroying our current world for a few power hungry globalists to take power will not be progress. People will starve and the end will be gruesome.