Stephen Glynn
Thought I was going to see the super agility of the F22 all I got was some slow motion footage that shows nothing that the Raptor can do because its all slow motion.
well...that was quit un-epic video made to impress teenage girls...
same Loz. That was so annoying, all the way through I was like for god sake show me what it can do.
Er...bit slow, innit?
I'm with all the other comments on here - slo-mo is OK for the odd shot but having a whole video of such an amazing aircraft is a real shame...
I have seen far better manoeuvres on a Avro Canada designed and built plane, Arrow, more than 50 years ago.
Dirk Scott
Here’s the video you wanted folks. Faster, more agile, tougher, but yesterday’s tech when it comes to war winning.
That’s nice footage, but having seen the F-22 and F-35 in person at the MCAS Beaufort air show, this really doesn’t show much. The capabilities of these aircraft are truly phenomenal - bordering on impossible. The way an F-22 can literally hurl itself perpendicular to its own trajectory is a thing of beauty. It takes a wide angle view to understand what that actually looks like, and this footage seemed more like it was shot as an advertisement.
As much as I abhor war, the little boy in me has no resistance when it comes to the many types of fighter aircraft. Chance to check out some details of this formidable machine...then I put on my Fast Forward glasses to check out the action. lol Will a dogfight between an F-22 and an Su-57 ever happen? That would be a battle of the Titans.
Honestly, I've seen amateur video of the F-22 which shows off its abilities better. This was a lot more sizzle than it was steak.