Instead of Star Trek science fiction this would be Car Trek. With all that frontal area, I have serious doubts about the top speed and range. A thousand dollar fill up of jet fuel? No problem if you are that rich. This sounds more like an old carrier pilot's jet dream rather than something realistic.

Yet another toy for the uber rich,plus two gas turbine engines to add more CO2 to the atmosphere. A really foolish idea.
John Schubert
The only realistic part of this pipe dream is the multi-billion-dollar certification cost.
And you'd have nothing to show for that money, because this thing won't fly.
Everyone wants a flying car. But Molt Taylor and the many flying car people who have followed Molt have shown us: What you wind up with is a bad car and a bad airplane. It's much more expensive than buying a good car and a good airplane. (Something similar applies to cars that double as boats. President Lyndon Johnson had one.)
New Atlas is on a roll for publicizing non-flying sorta-airplane-shaped objects.
Say what you like about this 777 pilot’s sideline hobby project’s minuscule chances for success... but that collapsible wing mechanism is just plain cool.
If not for dreams then what? 100 years ago if you said man would walk on the moon you'd be laughed at!
If this design could, at some point, drop the gas turbines and retrofit to full electric, I would cheer, even though I don’t have the cash to purchase one. But it shows no such forethought.
Someday, perhaps in the relatively near future when thermionic conversion finally grows up, we will dump heavy lithium batteries and fuel cells, and have truly lightweight and high speed electric air power that could manage zero carbon emissions clean-air. Until then…
Afterthought — it resembles a 1949 Hudson Commodore. I had one.
This old carrier jet jock would love to fly one a few times, but like you, couldn't afford to fill it up, even with jet fuel being put into inferior products since they aren't selling much these days.

Couple of other things he hasn't mentioned. Don't know what takeoff speed is, but you aren't going to run regular car rubber on it. Likewise, how do you keep the turbines from picking up FOD while driving as a car (Foreign Object Damage/Debris)?

Besides, where is the tailhook? ;-)

I feel the need for speed!
Douglas Bennett Rogers
You could just buy an old Harrier jet and fly it around your ranch. Kind of crampt, though. I think you will se the super rich pushing something like this out the door in a few years. It has the right formula. Comfort, speed, range, short runway.
yess..this thing just needs to be built! come one guys everyone chip in some.. a few billionaires here and there...