NOW Were Talkin' ! ! !
WHY aren't they flying already ! ! !
Interesting, but that was NOT a flying car video.
Every F1 Drivers nightmare.. being airborne and out of control. CGi model looks cool though :) I'll love to believe it when I see it. Good luck.
Nelson Hyde Chick
Car racing is popular because people drive and they want to finitize about driving fast, few among us are pilots, so this thing is dead on arrival.
@Kdone Clearly you can't make up head from tales here, you are in FULL control of your F1 EVTOL sorry for you, you clearly have no sense of how exciting and adrenaletic this is, this is the EVOLUTION of F1 and NOTHING CAN STOP IT !!!!!!!!!!!

@Nelson Hyde Chick
No you are wrong people drive cars because they are fast, but if they can fly FAST, driving will be a thing the men at the old man's marbles club hustle's about every sunday morning. NOTHING will be more exciting than F1 EVTOL RACING ! ! ! !
This is just stupid.
Lamar Havard
Driving is risky enough, imagine when vertical is added in!
@grunchy, stupid for those who is scared of the thrill and excitement of the coming revolution !
@Lamar, Anything that move is risky, and thats why it is so exciting, the vertical aspect and the sense of flying is priceless, see reno racing ! !
Bob Flint
No Nature impact, really just the buzz alone, or wait didn't hear it because it's vaporware. Going to donate the water to those that have none?
Cool styling. Let's see about performance: 6x35/.746 works out to 281.5hp. Notta Whole Lotta.
I'd bet 10:1 odds that they're about as fleet in turns as a MegaBot. Call me when they reach Real Steel speeds and agility, eh?