Way to go, Jetman! My guess is, next session, landing can be done without parachute even from high altitude. Already shown in video landing without parachute but only from low altitude. For safety reasons though, parachute needed.
That's breathtaking. Especially as he soars off the pier towards the skyscrapers. Might be a little way off yet before we all get one though!
Range anxiety anyone?
That's freakin' insane! I'm sure the Dubai folks were more than happy to pay him to pull this stunt on their waterfront since they're so adamant to get any prestige possible. His rig is more refined than ever and his confidence shows it. At those speeds and heights it makes little difference if he's above water since it would be like concrete if he crashed, but the fact that he uses a paraglider to land is brilliantly simple and effective. I had to stop and start the video many times to check out the details not only of his rig, but the ever-changing skyline of Dubai. Holy crap! There was barely anything there 15-20 years ago. That's a remarkably quick buildup of any city, and it takes tons of cash, but how can they fill up all those skyscrapers so quickly? So yeah, get Jetman Vince to come on over and fly his rocketman power rig for some high-value publicity baby.
Incredible. The real Iron Man!
I want one!
Why don't you state how long it can stay in the air? Why would you leave that out? Puh-leez.
@Gary & Bob you asked the most relevant question of range if this is to be a future means of travel vs primarily entertainment show super stunts or short hop military quick noisy access until the quiet chute's descent which means dumping the heavy wing/jets/tanks to then go on foot. The stunt shows will be great like ironman or superman.

The future of this mode of travel will most likely be what we call Atmospheric Ion Propulsion [AIP]. It will be silent but for clean warm air exhaust with no moving parts but the electrons, ions and ambient air mass, plus the reaction mass of Jetman. Solar Hydrogen fuel cell weight is the challenge but they keep getting lighter and more powerful extending range and payload.
Phil Bundy
"No point wasting fuel on a VTOL landing"?
Something tells me the cost of fuel is not an issue.
The noise from those jets is ear-splitting. I doubt any city will allow you to fly to work in one.