I like that Loz is a bit balanced in the caution vs hype.

Making things fly is easy. Making a buck from them is the hard part, just ask any failed air operator how it is.

It is "always"(sic), negative cashflow vs Uber-amped prospects...
I wonder if they can use something akin to an external airbag system for low altitude failures? If it detects an impending impact, it can deploy any bags in that direction, and cushion the fall a bit. Would still have injuries, but better than nothing.
It can be hard to tell which is the front. With 5 people on board, this VTOL (that doesn't exactly look that light) would need some serious parachuting in the case of emergency. The video feels like it's in slo-mo. With the musical soundtrack instead of live sound we don't see any fancy maneuvers that would inspire confidence, even if it does have 36 ducted motors. It illustrates how difficult it is to get this kind of aircraft technology right.
I really don't understand the "total failure" concept. It has 36 motors for goodness sake. Plenty of redundancy. If a Certified helicopter has a total failure it is curtains, yet they are certified and fly (and no you will not be able to auto-rotate if your head linkages fail) so this opinion from whoever makes the critical decisions of trying to measure catastrophic failure is pointless as aircraft is already certified.
Loz, so when can we expect you to "road test" this bad boy? Strap on the ol' leathers and take it for a rip 'round the 'hood! Maybe run a shootout comparo with the Opener BlackFly for us? 😄
Paul Muad'Dib
I wounder what the L/D is? Having all those motors sticking out looks like it might be pretty draggy.
Having wing lifting surfaces is key to safety with the airspeed that can be increased with pitch control only if you have a high enough altitude commensurate with existing forward inertia. The issue is how long is the flat surface you may or may not have when the failure occurs.
VERY cool idea, I'd like to hear it rather than music!
Nelson Hyde Chick
It is so wonderful to know that the wealthy won't be stuck in traffic with us peons, they will be above us using much more energy and thus hastening climate change.
Brian M
The canard configuration always seems to look wrong some how, I know it has lots of positives, but it still just seems wrong!

Being able to transition between drone/rotary and fixed wing is such a big plus if it works for practicality and efficiency. Plus in fixed wing mode engine failures are nowhere as scary (you just glide in)! Its just that landing and take off is a bit more risky.