interesting! obviously they go for a turbine - it is all about power-weight efficiency as this propulsion system needs more energy! big potential for this new technology, though scaling up in aviation is not easy. from 60 kg to let's say 1200 kg is a big increase. as mass increases in cubic, (lift) surfaces only increases in square... So, as weight increases 20 times (--> roughly 3 times bigger in size (3x3x3), lift surfaces only increase by factor of 9 (3x3). the difference must be won by efficiency or with an over-proportional increase in "wings". that's why insects cannot grow bigger, or eVTOLs can hardly take off even if small DJI-type quadcopter fly well and up to 30 min with current battery technology.
What a novel propulsion system! I'm guessing that it has a pretty significant energy efficiency disadvantage against traditional rotors or ducted fans? It looks like a case of a clever idea at the wrong time - it would have been far more feasible if it could be powered by a turbine, but is going to have a tiny range with current battery technology.
Crikey! Not much 'all-round' visibility, is there?!
Interesting concepts, but needs further development and refinement. However do stay with electrics. Turbines are slowpokes, EVTOL's are the future, no Contest !
Leif Knutsen
I would think that propulsion system would work well for a lighter than air vessel that moves heaver load as it can push down as easy as it can lift. For example, low impact selective logging.
Bah. Tom Swift Jr. did this in 1957 with his cycloplane.

I'm going to put on my engineering management hat and decree that this is too mechanically complex to ever be efficient, reliable, and safe. It's a "kewl idea" with no particular practical application.
One time we saw a helicopter landing at the football arena parking lot so we all went running to see the spectacle. As soon as we got near the copter wash we were absolutely pelted with parking lot gravel and debris - painful!
Not even one of these flying car ideas are going to work without a dedicated landing & takeoff field. Good luck finding that downtown.
It would seem with some clever engineering that those cyclical propellers could be made with motors inside and with wheels on the outside for 4 wheel ground driving. In other words no bulky fans and wings as in conventional helicopter like flying emachines. That would be so cool to drop out of sky and merge into traffic on the Interstates without even blinking.
Is that - chicken wire?
Nelson Hyde Chick
This system is slower and more complicated, so no advantages, why?